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Maybe it's my 除湿机dd除湿机十大品牌排名_除湿机哪个牌子好natural disposition, maybe I'm too the doting parents I really don't adapt to a boarding school life very much. From then on, my life seems to have no happy. Difficult to sleep every night, couldn't sleep a little noise, even during the day a day of learning. Every day at that time all the time not miss parents, miss the small mountain village. Body became thinner, over time, I can't hold his thin body, finally and one day I chose to drop out of school. Didn't graduate high school, finally round I think dream, back to the small village, went back to their parents.

Since then I quiet, difficulty sleeping sickness, deepening. Followed by dizziness, headache, spiritual malaise, reduced appetite, chest distress, chest pain. I felt at that time, the neighbourhood, others strange eyes, occasionally to my coy. I often hear and feeling to the parents of my concerns. At that time I can't touch the sunlight bright and beautiful, touch less than life goals and future. Suddenly one day, in my mind suddenly jumped out of the idea of death, with a dead end the pain and loneliness.

I sneaked out of the house, want to drink, and next in pesticide, want to close all of the pain. In repeated ideological struggle, the reason and sober prevailed, and the bottle was I had a crush. I remember I was an only child, I know the existence of the parents, think of the future alone, tears in an instant a dash for the box... Secretly I returned home, as if nothing has happened. Still my door out, still my few words, I still closed self-styled...

Remember it was a afternoon, when I wake up, sitting in front of the bed, all of a sudden knock on the door, woke me. Didn't think the door is my buddy, long time no see friends for a long time no reunion joy and hug. I am a man seems to be isolated, remember the afternoon we don't have a few words of words, is my buddy occasionally inquiries. I didn't talk about my pain, but occasionally I feel that his understanding of me now.