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2019/3/11 23:44:30      点击:
From then on, my friends 除湿机又称为抽湿机、干燥机、除湿器,除湿机一般可分为民用除湿机和工业除湿机两大类always come when all right, and I talk to talk to. Remember one day afternoon, my buddy, riding a motorcycle, and under his pushing, he and I went out to play. Since then and he go to the village of acquaintances to sit, to play chess, to play CARDS. Slowly I more words, more happy and smile. Suddenly one day my friend and I said the future plan, call I go to learn a trade. My two elder brothers also come back later, they all went to college, too much to be seen in I feel the world. That afternoon, all in the plan for my future way, finally I chose my career nowadays, chose the repair, chose to accompany with parents' daily.

The choice of life is not so smooth, remember at the beginning, I am beginner, is the hall, and even acquaintances cynicism. Then the arrival of the wife, the combination of family, daily necessities of the trivial, all need money support, call me dispirited and discouraged, have the thought of giving up. What can I do, however, the body weak, call me what to do. In the mind of the bitter, and my friend said that more than how many times, but they all advised me to stick to, advised me to put my mind to think, what method to develop customers. People sometimes is like this, may be some words, warm the heart of comfort and encouragement. Will be able to call you out of the fog, is one good thing came out of that day.

Remember every time the shortage of hand at that time, is to borrow from my elder brothers. Every time is believe, is that sentence, ChengMing will be good, the day will be fine, have you want happiness...