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Young girls, boys like, 除湿机总排行. 热门除湿机排行 .除湿机品牌排行 .上升最快的除湿机easy to vanity self-controlled, sakura is never the vanity. Kind of sakura, hear others laugh at him every time, is ve.ry sad. She wanted to help him, want to good to him, make friends with him, to laugh at him, but don't want to his misunderstanding with them. Once before the night lessons, we go to find English teacher chat, she asked my English teacher is there any way to help him. Her such a kind and honest beautiful teacher also love, her teacher self: "no wonder we all can't find the object, the original everyone in your this age were booked out ah!" Later, she secretly gave him an English reference books, and attach a note that says he has been in the field of her boyfriend, but thanks to his love, would like to make friends with him, he can come to ask her English. Well, her English is quite good, his English is not good. Others still occasionally laugh at him, but he obviously no longer so embarrassed, she looked very happy.

Sakura's boyfriend broke up with her once, say don't want to affect her study, I saw her big tears rolled down, a lifetime of convention how not? In beside me, also thought she won't forget him for life. Now look at the gold wedding, harmonious match, and the golden child is not someone who has let her tears, and the boyfriend. Radiant young love fire, but also such as li in the "high school" sings: "what is love, I don't know, who can understand forever, who can understand yourself."

Colleagues through my computer, see sakura wedding, yell: "this girl is very cute! Like a kid!" Colleagues mean about that sakura face looks pure and simple, unlike some people face the full story. I stared at the wedding photos, you are not a female classmate no story. How warm your story, not only because of the youth in float in the sky of love, but also because of kind of quiet.