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I thought that I should f除湿机f除湿机价格f 除湿机厂家品牌be mother's lesson. And also very grateful to my mother, because mother found me, didn't beat me in front of so many people, but pick me back home. Mother was moved to anger, from the wrist and I was his red swelling in her eyes can see. But she said nothing, turned into the house all day didn't come out.

I always can't with her mother's eyes. I'm afraid to see in the mother's eyes deep disappointment to me.

Dog finally no longer call, in the village is surrounded by more silence, I even heard the distant cicada singing.

I finally could not help but raised his head, the mother's silence let me at a loss, I decided to get his mother's forgiveness.

But she interrupted me to export, she's just and again ask me, is from the heart want to go to the city life.

I paused, and then took a deep breath and firmly said to mother "is! I have been hoping that she can study in the city." After a long time, the mother slowly nodded, I heard her with great determination to say a word: good. I was surprised on the mother's eyes, find mother deep eyes with unknown emotion surge up. She didn't look at me, turned and left the room.

Looked at her mother for to shoulder the burden of life is getting bent back, my heart burst of acidity. I understand the meaning of mother's words, but how also not happy.

I stood up and inner struggle to follow up, has already gone mother figure in the house. I'm a little worried of blunt go out, stare blankly sitting on the steps bathed in sunshine, rely on each other's parents.

Mother looked at the door of this small garden, for a long time have no language, only tightly locked eyebrows shows the owner's pain. Father quietly beside comfort: "I know you hate to, live for decades, have feelings, otherwise I don't go, maybe she is just a interest? What's more, go there if you can't find work, how to live?" Mother shook his head, "the two of us who don't understand her stubborn temper? How can I to their delayed her. No matter how hard, good to her, I will get for her. It's just... It's just that I really will not fit here, really... "