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Friend a warm 除湿机是如何除湿的ss除湿机工作原理和除湿机使用窍门heart of words, it is life's greatest wealth, when you're down and out, smell of relatives,, pull you a hand, give you into the right direction. Now he will not abandon you, if you're down and out. He just remember each other sincerely, happy with each other, no secular vision, not the heart of righteousness trade-off.

The childhood time is happy, childlike, call a person older after a life time. At that time I don't know the world changes in temperature, there is no status of high and low points, only playfulness between peers. I have three day to night to play, the three older than my peers. I remember I was a timid and shy child, but we are together, things to talk about, have countless playfulness. Often go swimming with my parents, the fields to play, I had a neighbor's old hen, rhubarb dog. Nothing when playing CARDS to play all day, face covered with a piece of paper, or cups of water, be losers to drink, drink in the stomach ache...

The childhood time is a good thing, but fleeting. While my that a few playmates, two school went to the town, another took part in the work, I was reading my parents sent to the town. From then on we seldom meet each other, only in the end of the year, or the summer vacation, will be able to meet each other. Without each other when they meet slapstick, no more words, just talk about each other's situation, talk about their own experiences, outside and then look at the TV with...