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For a long time did not 除湿机哪个牌子好,除湿机品牌哪个好,除湿机品牌write some of the stuff of, unexpectedly identify too tight, heart already not seem to have some on the seat, without the former, with stubborn and yearning for your world to build up walls, not someone else in the world will never interfere in the pure, beautiful, or too sad, melancholy depression to ten horses pull don't come back resilience, hard to think anyway the hard enough. Reality does not seem to be anything too much, not love not love, not to involve the friend, not a lot of adventure, nor used as self-pity barter goods from jie scar. Music never deep into sadly not, don't like folk songs, don't want to hear after shake, even pure music, occasionally listen to pop the heart becomes lightsome. What is this, I have some don't quite understand.

The march wind is no feelings, thin cold let a person dare not to compliment, for the memory of it probably just open the balcony that moment in the early morning slightly reluctant to wash in cold water, rushes to the dining room in the rain when the ear tip on neck rose and cold, the next second trembling slightly, in the dark days of more than five o 'clock in the morning, the sun is not out of the tip, it's cold call, at that time, also want to lightly, if have personal accompany together, light said a few words of nonsense, the in the mind is warm. Is sparse, night figure with grade have been doing, I slowly opened the window to a magnificently rain fell on my face, waiting to across the three Ming secretly in the classroom, the bell at 10:30, liao classroom dimmed, and it's also the husband to pick up the things ready to go back.